I practice a personalized approach to a client and follow-up work "for the result", which includes productive personal communication, detailed analysis and analytics of the project, as well as its orientation for specific marketing and business tasks. In cooperation, I prefer openness, honesty and trust in each other's professional competencies. To match the competence, study in detail the conceptual course of thought in my projects. The scope of work is summarized below.


pre-design analysis

competitive analysis

structural analysis

product analysis

market analysis


brand benefits



brand values

brand mission

brand philosophy

brand communication

brand strategy


block of analytics

visual audit


elaboration of theses

project metaphor

structural study

visual strategy


the logo


color palette

visual communication

style elements

package design


style guide

or brand book


name development

slogan development



brand scaling


correction of texts

semantic adaptation

* You can choose the full development cycle or its individual blocks.

Branding types

Corporate branding: individual companies, production facilities and holdings of any legal type of activity

Retail branding: retail outlets and chains, hotels, restaurants and clinics

Product branding: goods and products of any legal type of production

Project cost

The Artgeneration studio creates high-quality projects with an individual approach. The main principle of cost formation is a competent assessment of the volume and complexity of the project development on the basis of a detailed technical task provided by the client. The cost of a project is influenced by many factors, features, as well as technical, structural, functional and implementation requirements. The cost of a project is always calculated on an individual basis.