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Greetings! My name is Ivan Voznyak, I am the engine of the "Artgeneracia" design studio.

I develop conceptual brand systems for visual communication, structured corporate identity (including logo), names and slogans.

I believe that each project is unique and should be endowed with its own characteristic features

and a special disposition. My priority is to create effective graphic brand systems, who can communicate freely with the consumer in an up-to-date and understandable language.

I have worked with clients from a variety of industries, as well as successful participation
in art projects, festivals and competitions.


2020 - bronze award at the festival of new design "SREDA" in the nomination: "illustration and photography in identity"
2020 - 2 short lists at the festival of new design "SREDA" in the nominations: "new identity", "illustration and photography in identity"

2020 - shortlist (TOP 5) at the "G8" festival in the nomination: "illustration in identity "

2020 - 4 long lists at the "G8 " festival in the nominations: "identity", "illustration"

2019 - Publication in an international design publication: Sandu Publishing

2017 - short-list at the "SREDA" festival in the nomination: "rebranding / restyling of identity"

2017 - 2 publications in international design magazines: BrandMagazine, Sandu Publishing

2017 - 3 shortlists at "Fakestival" in the nominations: "Best Work for Fictional Brands", "Best Work for Alcohol, Cigarettes and Rock 'n' Roll", "Best Identity"

2016 - Diploma of the Union of Designers of Russia at the festival of trademarks "Golden Flea"
2015 - Gold Site for "Best Site Created with Wix"
2014 - Prize-winner of the commercial advertising poster competition from the "Nvidia" company
2013 - Winner of the State Social Poster Competition