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Greetings! My name is Ivan Voznyak, I am the engine of the Artgeneration branding studio.

I develop structured, conceptual and effective brand systems that communicate with the target audience in a relevant and understandable language.

I believe that each project is unique and should be endowed with its own characteristic features

and special disposition. My priorities are an integrated approach, focusing on quality and depth of development, detailed pre-project analysis and focus on results.

We have worked with clients from a variety of industries, as well as successful participation
in art projects, festivals and competitions.


2020 - bronze award at the festival of new design "Wednesday" in the category: "illustration and photography in identity"
2020 - 2 short lists at the festival of new design "Wednesday" in the nominations: "new identity", "illustration and photography in identity"

2020 - short list (TOP 5) at the G8 festival in the nomination: "illustration in identity"

2020 - 4 long lists at the "G8" festival in the nominations: "identity", "illustration"

2019 - Publication in an international design publication: Sandu Publishing

2017 - short list at the "Wednesday" festival in the nomination: "rebranding / restyling of identity"

2017 - 2 publications in international design magazines: BrandMagazine, Sandu Publishing

2017 - 3 shortlists at "Fakestival" in the nominations: "Best Work for Fictional Brands", "Best Work for Alcohol, Cigarettes and Rock 'n' Roll", "Best Identity"

2016 - Diploma of the Union of Designers of Russia at the festival of trademarks "Golden Flea"
2015 - Gold Site for "Best Wix Site"
2014 - Prize-winner of the commercial advertising poster competition from the "Nvidia" company
2013 - Winner of the State Social Poster Competition